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George H. Hubert, M.D.
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George H. Hubert, M.D.

George H. Hubert graduated from Kansas University (1960). Concluded in 1964 Residency in internal medicine and cardiology fellowship in 1968 at Loma Linda University White Memorial Medical Center Los Angeles.

Currently caring for patients and performing consultations for physicians in which non-invasice or invasive procedures require decisions. Treating cholesterol, hypertension, cardiac rhythm, heart failure, chest pain, peripheral vascular (PAD), second opinions and other problems.

Have interpreted over 250,000 Electrocardiograms (EKG) and evaluating exercise heart studies, non-invasive studies (Ultra-Sounds) of arteries to the brain, abdomen/legs and veins for clots.

First Cardiologist in Ventura County, California. 1968 Director of Cardiology Department Los Robles Medical Center and developed the Cardiology program from its incepetion in 1968 through 2006.

Performed the first heart invasive evaluation (Cardiac catheterization / angiogram) in Ventura County 1969 and participated in the first open heart surgery at Los Robles Hospital in 1970. Performed implantation of the first nuclear peacemaker in Ventura, California.

Performed first balloon dilation (Coronary Angioplasty) of a blocked Heart Artery at Los Robles Hospital in 1981 and first balloon dilation of heart artery at onset of a heart attack in 1983. Participated in the initiating the paramedic program in Ventura County. Cardiology instructor for General practice residency program at Ventura County Hospital in the 1970's.

Performed over 16,000 Invasive and peripheral artery vascular studies and over 4,500 coronary artery dilations and stent insertinos.

Also a member of the American College of Cardiology.